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Like any important asset of your business, your website needs to be properly managed and maintained in order to remain functional, performant, and secured against hacking and downtime. But many businesses often do not have the time or expertise to manage this themselves, which can leave them exposed to an expensive mess including lost sales, damaged reputation, and cleanup/restoration of the website.

Our SiteManage service solves this dilemma by providing done-for-you ongoing hosting & management of your WordPress website once it is live. Depending on your level of skill and available resources, there are two separate SiteManage plans: 


Our expert WordPress team handles 100% of your website management, including technical updates, downtime monitoring, and unlimited website edits – just send us the content!


We handle just the technical management for your website, keeping it updated, secured and protected. You handle all posting/editing of website content.

Why AutoPilot?

Constantly UpdateD

WordPress is a prime target of hackers. Keeping your website up to date, secure and functional can be time-consuming and expensive.

On Brand Edits

Unless you are an experienced designer, it can difficult to maintain a consistent branding and visual identity when making edits - negatively impacting your brand image.

Perks & Support

Get professional grade support without the salary of an in-house web professional, and save on licensing fees for premium plugins that cost thousands of dollars annually.

WebPilot SiteCare - WordPress Website Hosting & Management

Premium WordPress Hosting Included

All SiteManage plans include our premium business-grade WordPress hosting platform, which includes the following:

Simple, clear pricing.

Choose your Website Type
          Standard Business Website
eCommerce/Membership Website


A Fractional Webmaster for your business
100% done-for-you website management
$ 349 Monthly
  • Unlimited done-for-you website edits
  • Weekly theme & plugin updates
  • Priority email support
  • 10 custom email accounts
  • Premium WordPress hosting
  • $1000+ of premium website plugins
  • Malware protection and remediation
  • Website health and performance reports


Hosting + technical maintenance only
$ 199 Monthly
  • Unlimited done-for-you website edits
  • Monthly theme & plugin updates
  • Standard email support
  • 5 custom email accounts
  • Premium WordPress hosting
  • $1000+ of premium website plugins
  • Malware protection and remediation
  • Website health and performance reports

Just need hosting only? Our self-managed Fly Solo plan provides our business-grade WordPress hosting + 5 email accounts for $79/month. You handle all technical maintenance, updates and website edits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited edits includes most basic day to day small editing tasks using client-provided content, such as adding/updating pages, posting photos & videos, adding products, events, configuring settings, adjusting colors/styles, etc. It does not include custom programming, graphic design, copywriting, adding plugins or other non-routine/technical work.

Response time for standard support is typically within 24-48 hours, and priority support response is often within several business hours. All support is provided during normal business hours. 

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