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Custom Crafted Websites that Make you Money

We have all heard the cliché, “Your website’s appearance is the first impression your business makes on a potential customer.” And, while it is true, your site should be more than a pretty face. Our websites are custom built to incorporate the branding and functionality needed to deliver tangible results to your bottom line.

What is Web Design & Development?

Website design and development are closely linked but distinct tasks that together form the basis of producing functional sites. Web design primarily focuses on creating the look and feel of a website and its overall user interface (UI) design. Web development, on the other hand, deals with all the code that makes a website click. It encompasses the programming languages to mold a website’s structure, functionality, and interactivity.

Is a Website Really That Important?

Absolutely! Research proves that 9 in 10 people search online before choosing a business. One in four shoppers is inclined to visit a company only if they can locate it online. Therefore, whatever industry you are in or customer segment you are targeting, having a website is crucial. Below are some other top reasons why it makes sense to have a website for your company:

  • Credibility. A website is one of the places where most people go when looking to verify the authenticity of any particular business. There are likely several other businesses offering services or products that are similar to yours. A superb website effectively communicating quality information to your consumers can help your business stand out. It also gives people comfort that you are a legitimate business.
  • Branding. One of the most critical things a business has to do is to showcase its products and services to prospective customers. It is also a chance to enhance your competitive edge, as you can establish your identity and values and bond with your clients. It is easy to do with a website, as it helps to deliver quality and dependable information.
  • Lead generation. One of the most significant functions of a website nowadays is to generate leads. When people are interested in your services or products and they find you online, they can get your contact details, which increases your chances of making sales. Even though web design and development have a cost, when used wisely, websites have great ROI.
  • Drawing organic traffic. Once your website is live and you have enhanced it using search engine optimization (SEO), it is more likely to appear among the first Google search results. It is an organic way to capture more leads and increase your sales potential drastically.
  • Enhancing customer service and saving time. Many customers often call various businesses inquiring about hours of operation, location, and other simple things. When a business misses a call, they are left unsatisfied. The good thing about a website is that customers can access it anytime and get the information they need directly. Your business will also have higher productivity since your staff will focus on other important aspects when fewer calls come in.
  • Providing updates and announcements. A website is always available 24/7. It makes it the best platform for you to post announcements and updates. You can keep everyone updated on whatever you are doing. You also increase the chances of upselling products and services relevant to various customers.
  • Digital marketing. Drawing traffic to your website or landing page is a great way to leverage digital marketing and amplify your leads so that you can grow your business. The only way to do this effectively is by leveraging your site’s traffic to target the most qualified customers and get more ROI on your advertisement budget. Since you can’t set this up retroactively, you ought to have a website early on, even if you don’t plan to run ads yet.

How WebPilot Can Make Your Website Design & Development Project a Success

Without a doubt, a website is a crucial part of modern business operations. However, this does not mean that any website will do.
The days when you only needed a static cookie-cutter website are long gone. With the sophisticated modern audience of “digital aficionados,” you need a website that delivers a higher level of usability, functionality, and simplicity. It is where you need us most.

World-class Web Development

At WebPilot, we develop unique, powerful, and flexible websites that impact any business. We customize everything down to the pixel and ensure premium integrated functionality. It also guarantees your website is not just a dull static brochure but a dynamic profit center.

Our web development process involves several key steps that lead to an outcome that perfectly aligns with your vision:


We start by defining your website’s visual and informational structure. We collaboratively enumerate the requirements and preferences of your website’s overall image and a sitemap that outlines your site’s structure and specific sites. Then, we gather the necessary content to fill in the various pages, including page copy, images, testimonials, videos, logos, and other details.  


In this stage, we design models that showcase our preferences and give a preview of the site’s proposed look and layout. Here, you can chip in and suggest any changes you would love us to make so we move on with a design you genuinely adore. 


After your approval, we proceed to transform the mockup models into reality. We use the latest, standards-compliant technology and methods to build working web pages that combine into a website compatible with major devices and browsers. We prefer the WordPress platform due to its non-proprietary independence, broad functionality, ease of use, and massive popularity. The standard functionality for each website includes a blog, contact form, photo galleries, and built-in analytics. 


Before handing over your website, we will test it thoroughly to ensure it functions well, which includes having great browser and device compatibility. Only after it passes all our tests is it ready to go live. For enhanced convenience, we offer a WordPress-optimized premium business hosting platform at no extra set-up cost. 

Two businesswomen, using a laptop, create a web design for their website to drive more sales and traffic for their online business.

Need Results? Leave It to the Pros.

Running any modern business with a DIY website  or worse, no website at all — can be incredibly challenging. You must invest a significant amount of time and effort to reach your audience, improve brand awareness, and boost your revenue. Overall, you would lag behind most of your competitors who not only have websites but are already taking steps to optimize their sites. 

Stop spinning your wheels. Reach out and learn how WebPilot can craft you a beautiful, functional, easy-to-use website that helps take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our web design and development services.

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